Finoverse is block chain technology company that helps with digital transactions. Blockchain technology is a decentralized digital ledger system that records transactions across multiple computers in a way that makes them secure, transparent, and resistant to modification. 
I went with monochrome colors for this one as its much more classic and gives a clean look. For the logo typeface, I have used ITC Avant Garde Gothic Pro which is a serif typeface that is super clean, stylish and it resonates with the logo perfectly. I designed this logo for a family friend who wanted their brand essentials for their startup company.  
Logo sketches
brand stationery
                    Design Process

I researched and understood what block chain technology is and what a block chain based company provides for its customers. After understanding it, I got into doing multiple sketches and kept simplifying as much as I can. I decided to go with the literal concept using block and chain. I also wanted to use the design to show the name of the company as well or at least the first letter of the company.I
I designed blocks and stacked them up to look like the letter F and connected them using circles and lines to show Chain like structures. These block like structures work really well in big scale expansions and 3D installations. I went with monochromatic black and grayscale tones for this logo as I wanted to keep things clean and classic. To show some contrast, I used white lines and circles for the chain like design. The blocks are in different tones of black and gray. I chose ITC Avant Garde gothic pro, a serif typeface with a classic look. 

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