The magazine SYZYGY is a space magazine that has monthly editions covering the latest astronomical and space adventures, Innovations and news. This magazine is mainly targeted to Students who study Astronomy, Scientists and Astronomers as well as anyone who is interested in learning about space. When three celestial bodies align, it is called a Syzygy. That is when eclipses happen and the shadow of one celestial body falls on another. This is a concept design.
I have created 5 monthly editions to show the consistency in Design.This project was designed with Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.
                    Design Process
I started with creating multiple parent pages with different margin layouts and added the page numbers as well. I have experimented with overlapping text on image and used black and white to some contrast. Each new article starts with a Drop cap to assist the reader. For the contents page, I wanted to include the image of the article as well. I have used a pop of color in the editor's page to make it more interesting as its usually a text overloaded page.With each page I have experimented with different layouts and negative space.
magazine system for one year
inner spreads
grid layouts
Masthead design Tutorial

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